Google Doodle honors Willem Einthoven – the inventor of the ECG

Today, in large hospitals, ECG equipment is available (    ECG   or EKG). We use this modern device thanks to the scientist   Willem Einthoven. He invented the ECG device   and bring great benefits to the community.
Today is a special day, his 129th birthday anniversary.    Google Doodle   mentioned him so people can always remember and thank him for this.


Willem Einthoven won the Nobel Prize in medicine for the great work related to the ECG
Google Doodle honors Willem Einthoven - the inventor of the ECG

Portrait of scientist   Willem Einthoven

Research works of scientists   Willem Einthoven is really helpful. In the past, doctors wanted to measure the patient’s heart rate, so they would ask patients to soak 2 hands and feet into salt solution. This solution will help them check their heart rate and how much blood is pumped throughout the body.
This job takes a lot of time and sometimes the checking is not really accurate.
Willem Einthoven understood that and he studied to invent   ECG. This tool supports doctors and nurses to perform this task simply and easily.
The device is improved year by year, at first the device is quite bulky then gradually   more compact and can record heart rate on paper.  


Google Doodle honors Willem Einthoven - the inventor of the ECG

And now very modern equipment can be made and recorded directly on the electronic board very conveniently. Let us recall and be grateful to the scientist   Willem Einthoven today, guys. Because thanks to your invention that doctors and nurses have been able to follow up for countless endangered patients.  

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