Musician John Prine seriously ill, suspected John Prine infected covid-19 virus

Musician John Prine seriously ill, suspected John Prine infected covid-19 virus

Corona virus disease leaves no one behind. Let’s protect our health and our loved ones safely in this dangerous pandemic in the world. Recently the news that many people are interested in is musician John Prine. John Prine was hospitalized in critical condition after experiencing symptoms of coronary virus disease.

John Prine
John Prine

A multi-talented musician like him is admired by many audiences. 73-year-old John Prine, he officially posted the status line on Twitter talking about his infection with corona virus. This was a difficult decision, John loved everyone, the corona virus disease came to him so quickly.

Earlier, John Prine’s wife,  Fiona Whelan Prine, was isolated on her own because she was positive for corona virus. I love John Prine’s country music. He is a talented artist, when I read this news I was really surprised. For the Corona virus disease, people should not be subjective, but seriously take hygiene measures, communicate and gather in crowded places. Currently, there are many famous artists who have expressed or are positive for corona virus, which shows that the virus is a global threat and whether you are rich or poor or anyone, the virus is will come to you.

In Vietnam, people in this country have been aware and joined hands to fight the disease. They even create funny songs. You can listen to the song “jealous co vy” below offline.

With John Prine, we all hope that John Prine will recover and return to the community. In the past, I was very subjective when I thought that corona virus was just seasonal flu. But after a series of disturbing happenings we need to be more aware and accountable to you and the whole community. Like Vietnamese people and many countries, they really did well, right?

If you want to update the current situation of corona virus cases worldwide. Please see the information at this page immediately.

Stay on the lookout and take proactive measures to protect yourself safely. Money is nothing compared to health. Health is No. 1 of you.


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