Learn about inventor Seiichi Miyake ? who created Tenji?

March 18, 2019 An image of a famous inventor appears on the google page. Maybe you don’t know about him. But his invention is really big and useful for the community today. What is the invention then let’s find out.


Learn about inventor Seiichi Miyake ?  who created Tenji?

Seiichi Miyake is the inventor of the tactile block, or Tenji block, used in public spaces such as sidewalks and platforms and subway trains to help blind people.

According to Doodle, Miyake had a blind friend who started struggling to walk. Miyake used his money to create Tenji blocks, often with dots or bars similar to the Legos, to warn his friends about what was ahead. The dots floating on the Tenji blocks indicate the danger approaching, such as at the edge of a sidewalk. The lift bar is used as a navigation tool and let users know they are still on the safe path.


Miyake invented the Tenji blocks in 1965, and they were first introduced on a street near the Okayama Blind School in Okayama City, Japan, on March 18, 1967. They were fast. Quickly deployed throughout Japan and is mandatory at the country’s terminals. Other countries, such as the United States and Canada, followed in the 90s.


Tenji blocks, also known as Wikipedia’s Braille blocks, can be felt through the user’s shoes. Stick users can also feel dots and bars that way, or guide dogs can be trained to read them. While the Tenji blocks are probably best recognized in their characteristic yellow color, the blocks can also be found in other colors.
Above are the sharing of Mr. Seiichi Miyake. The person who appeared on the front page of google on the 2nd day

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