One Piece Chap 976 Spoiler

One Piece Chap 976 Spoiler


In chapter 975, the traitor Kanjuro was revealed – the one who revealed the secrets of the rose and the Kozuki raid to Orichi. In this chapter also said the character Kyoshiro (sleepy) is a loyal bodyguard of Princess Oden. Kyoshiro’s real name is Denjiro.

Thanks to his quick wit, Kyoshiro was able to convey the message of Lord Yasuie to Kinemon exactly, while in the previous chapter, Kyoshiro also saved the life of the “precious” lady. It can be said that Kyoshiro is a loyal and trustworthy bodyguard with the Kozuki clan. In the final images of Chap 975 we see:

  • Kinemon’s expressionless expression because of the misunderstanding of the message that Lord Yasuie sent
  • The Kid – Law – Luffy trio is fighting the Kaido army
  • The Kyoshiro family, 5400 soldiers and samurais diverse in the battle

So the war has really started. In One Piece chapter 976 there will be the following interesting details.

  1. Kid – Law – Luffy defeats Kaido army and enters Devil’s Island

    One Piece Chap 976 Spoiler
    With the trio of captains, defeating the Kaido subordinates was too easy. However, it is not enough for King, queen and Jack to appear. Kid – Law- Luffy will confront them on the demon island. And most likely they also meet very unexpected characters will appear in one piece.

  2. Kanjuro captures Momonosuke and runs back to the demon island to inform Orochi

    Exposed to kill the insider. Kajuro found his way to retreat. In his hand was the princess Momonosuke. He will threaten the bond so they will not pursue him. However, there is a Sanji character in the straw hat alliance. 

    With the stealth suite (Sanji obtained from Germa 66) he will jump to save Momonosuke as soon as Nami uses an electric cloud attack to strike Kajuro directly.

  3. The Appearance Of jinbei

    One Piece Chap 976 Spoiler
    Jinbei left the Bigmom Pirates and accepted to be the 10th member of the Straw Hats. Jinbei was one of the shichibukai. Jinbei’s forte and experience are very respectable. In the battle at Arc Cake Island. To rescue the Straw Hats, Jimbei volunteered to stay to stop Bigmom’s soldiers. At that time, we do not know the life and death of Jinbe, but it is likely that in this chapter, we will once again see the majestic image of Jinbei appear.


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