Novel “The Eyes of Darkness” Accurately predicts the world covid pandemic

The Eyes of Darkness

If you are a lover of books and horror novels, have you read “The Eyes of Darkness“? If you have read it, you will be surprised about its predictions of the pandemic covid-19, which is spreading globally today.

Novel "The Eyes of Darkness" Accurately predicts the world covid pandemic

This is the book that I mentioned. This book, novel has been published since 1981 but so far, the omen has happened to be incredibly accurate. The novel is about the origin of this virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, and the virus pandemic will break out in 2020.

American author Dean Koontz is feverish on the internet for writing a horror book whose elements are perfectly suited to today’s circumstances. According to the novel’s content, Mrs. Evans suddenly discovered that Danny was still alive and imprisoned in a secret military base, after accidentally being infected with a biological weapon created by a research center in Wuyi. Han, China.

“A Chinese scientist named Li Chen fled to the United States, carrying a floppy disk containing the most important and most dangerous biological weapons in China within a decade. They called it “Wuhan-400” because it was developed at recombinant DNA laboratories outside Wuhan City, and it is in the 4% rate of artificial strains of microorganisms created from China. research center, ”according to the book’s content.

Novel "The Eyes of Darkness" Accurately predicts the world covid pandemic


This is the paragraph that mentioned this deadly virus. However, the book says the death rate of wuhan virus is 100%, but in reality, the current level of death of the virus is much lower. You can rest assured that the worldwide situation of disease control is very good.

In this book, in addition to talking about the wuhan virus being China’s biological weapon, it also mentions that the virus appears and disappears strangely. It was as if the virus had been programmed to exist and fulfill its mission.

There are currently many novels of the same name describing the pandemic covid-19 virus, but I think “The Eyes of Darkness” is considered the best and most readable. Now if you have free time at home and are limited in going to the street, why not try reading and feeling about this interesting book, it will be great.

The book predicts the covid pandemic and also foretells the near future of the world in the face of imminent risks. What is it read and find out you okay.

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