Naruto’s battle with Sasuke is worth watching

Naruto with sasuke is a couple of close friends, but when they were young they also had a painful past. Sasuke is the only survivor of the Uchia clan, while Naruto is the child who was sealed by his parents with the Nine-Tails (which caused Naruto to be alienated).

Growing up, the path of this couple has markedly different. Naruto wants to get love from everyone, he is always willing to make friends and help others. Meanwhile Sasuke brought in his hatred of wanting to kill Itachi’s brother one day to avenge his parents and the ethnic group of Cambodia.Near the end of Naruto’s story is the best and most memorable battle between Naruto and Sasuke.

The decisive battle made history of the shinobi community between Sasuke and NarutoNaruto's battle with Sasuke is worth watching

Naruto and Sasuke are all very strong. They are the last people to stay in the 4th Ninja War. After they defeated the Samantha Form. This battle has the highest level of ninjas in the Ninja community, such as:

Naruto used the giant chakra combined with the power of the green sage

Naruto in this battle has captured the giant and has abundant energy chakra. In himself, he also has the power of the chakra system in combination with the power of the sage. Naruto can turn into a beautiful form of great beasts. What is special is that in his great state, he is still able to use a fairy tale to fight Sasuke.

Sasuke has a rinegan eye that controls 10 beasts

Sasuke has a rinegan eye that controls 10 beasts

If you watch Naruto, you will know how strong Rinegan’s eyes are. Lu Dao Sage is also the owner of this eye first. Sasuke thanks to rinegan for taking the power of the beasts combined with Susanoo to increase his strength. Naruto had a hard time defeating Sasuke. At the end of the battle is the scene of the couple holding hands and reviewing old memories.

Now let’s review the good fight between naruto and Sasuke.